My Year at the Good Bean Café

image of book cover: My Year at the GoodBean Cafe, by EA Luetkemeyer

“To say his writing is mind-tweaking is an understatement. His fiction is like reality jazz. The theme can go in many directions, most of them non-linear.”

—Frank De Luca, PhD
A Field Guide to Humans: Enriching

Relationships Through the Enneagram

An unlikely and inexplicable event prompts Adrian Lomachenko to abandon his role in the world of high finance and pursue a career in writing, his long-repressed true calling. He moves to the quaint artistic community of Jacksonville, Oregon, where he will sit daily in the town’s eclectic coffee shop, the Good Bean Café, and with a little help from his capricious Muse, Miranda, write a story a month for a year around an unlikely and inexplicable event in the lives of twelve characters, real or imagined. Does he meet his goal? And how does the exploration of such events affect his life going forward?

My Year at the Good Bean Café is a quirky work of metafiction, a story about itself and its own creation, that explores the nature of identity, the process of becoming, the imponderable intelligence of the Universe, and the magic of art in all its manifestations.

“…a very intense, good, beautiful, and often dark but wonderful read. It has everything—love, hate, violence, drugs, altered states, joy and pain”

—Ginna BB Gordon
Bear Me Away to a Better World

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