Penitentiary Tales: A Love Story

Cover image for EA Luetkemeyer's book, Penitentiary Tales: A Love Story

“an insightful and at times darkly disturbing glimpse into an institution rarely entered by most readers”
—Dr. John M. Coggeshall, Clemson University

Penitentiary Tales: A Love Story recounts the escapades of Dean Davis, a thirty-something, educated, straight white male from the affluent community of Sausalito, in Marin County, California, who is sent to an Illinois prison dominated by a daunting, ethnically diverse population of inmates from the mean streets of Chicago. How does he do his time? What challenges does he meet? How does the experience affect his social and political consciousness?

Addressing issues of race and gender, it is at once a serious inquiry into the minds and hearts of the marginalized and the oppressed, and a bit of a romp. It will appeal to intelligent readers of all persuasions who appreciate a literary walk on the wild side.

“Luetkemeyer’s approach to storytelling is unflinchingly abrasive”
—Kirkus Reviews

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